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Monday, November 14, 2005

Photo 2005 korea

Korea.net, the main portal site of the Government of the Republic of Korea, and the Korean Overseas Information Service (KOIS), the operator of the site, are pleased to host Dynamic Korea Web Photo Contest for both non-Korean and Korean nationals according to the following rules.


All entries have to be digital photographs and should illustrate Dynamic Korea, the state brand slogan of the Republic of Korea (South Korea). Dynamic Korea Web Photo Contest is a tribute to the passions, potential, creativity and dynamism with which the Korean nation is pressing ahead in a quest for a brighter future of all humanity.

Application period

November 15-30, 2005


Non-Koreans / Koreans


There are no special restrictions on the applicants or on the number of entries. There are no fees involved, either.

How to apply

Application should be made through the KOIS Internet homepage, www.korea.net/event.

Announcement of winning photos

Monday, December 12, 2005, on the KOIS Internet homepage


Grand Prize (one in each category): Notebook computer (Samsung sens NT-X06/C171)
Gold Prize (one in each category): Digital camera (Samsung kenox PRO815)
Silver Prize (two in each category): Digital camera(Samsung kenox)
Bronze Prize (three in each category): MP3 player (IRIVER N11 - 1G)
Consolation Prize (15 in each category): Camera case (Dcinside dc&b 701)


All rights, including copyrights, involving winning entries are reserved by KOIS of the Korean Government Information Agency.

Winners will be required to submit original files. If the original files are not submitted within a specified time, prizes may be cancelled. If winning entries are found to have been involved in any irregularity, prizes may be cancelled.

All photo entries submitted must have been taken by the applicant. Applicants will be solely liable in case his/her entry results in legal litigation or other disputes about copyrights or an individual’s rights to his/her own portrait.

Photos that veer off the theme may be dropped without any notification to the applicant.

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